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University can be a difficult and confusing time but we are here to help. Whether you have concerns about your course that you’re not sure how to handle or you feel you have been marked unfairly we can help by giving you some independent advice. We are here to help decode the jargon and explain how you can get the best from your university experience.

Our advisors can offer confidential advice on what your best options are. For those issues that you are facing issues, that are not relating to your course we can provide you with the best information on who the right people to support your concern. 



Your wellbeing whilst at Westminster is so important because we know students that are happy and feel supported do better and go on to achieve great things! This is why wellbeing is at the centre of what we believe in and it’s our job to ensure you get the best support possible whilst you’re a student. We have some great tips and tricks for you to follow in order to support your wellbeing whilst you study!