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Azerbaijan Society

  • Buta logonew

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What does your Student Group do?

There will be plenty of events throughout the year celebrating Azerbaijanian food, culture, and history such as National Flag Day, Indepence day, Novruz Holiday and some international events. Some events have been adapted due to COVID-19, but the spirit of Azerbaijan Society remains.

Why should i join your student group?

Joining our society is the way to enhance information about Azerbaijan's history, culture, as well as, tradition and creating friendships with other national based societies. 


Our aim is to never let our members get bored. They are able to join every Azerbaijani event (especially with Embassy events) as we are always informed on social media. 


As one of the most unique cultures  - Westminster Azerbaijan society aims to provide opportunities for  everyone to appoint with  and explore Azerbaijan culture. 

Where do you meet/train and on what days?

Online- we will be trying to have some events at least once a month.

Embassy- As we have a connection with them, they allow us to do historical events or gather.

Azerbaijan House in London

What is the best thing about your student group?

The best thing about Westminster Azerbaijan Society is showing maximum support to our members academically and socially. Westminster Azerbaijan society is an opportunity for all Azeri students to engage. We are also very glad for all students to share in culture, traditions, and help to learn more.