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Afghan Society

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What does your Student Group do?
  • We build a support network and social environment!


  • We hold events and activities like debate/games nights & attan sessions to teach and embrace the Afghan culture! we also teach more about our culture to afghans and non afghans in the more modern world


  • We also hold charity events & work with charities allowing us to make a more greater difference Why should i join your group?


  • We're a fun way to socialize and meet new people of not only afghan but other ethnicities


  • We're a support system for those who feel new and worried about university & a great way to make friends


  • We're also a great way to network with other people and learn more about the afghan culture.
Why should i join your student group?

We embrace and connect with other societies to make it even more fun for our members. Alongside that our charity work also makes it a more character building opportunity too

Where do you meet/train and on what days?

We aim to meet 3x a month at least depending on the situation of Corona it may be slow and stay online for a while.