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Friends of Arriving Students

Starting university can be a daunting time; a new place to live, a new city to learn, a new place to study and new friends to make. We want to make that transition for you much smoother and every new student to feel at ease in those first few weeks -  which is why every new student at Westminster will be assigned a FAN to support them. 

FANS are students who know everything there is to know about Westminster and what it means and takes to be a student. During the first two weeks of University life they will support and guide new students to make sure they settle into their new environments with ease. 

Want to be a FAN

If you are a second or third year student and think you have what it takes to be a support line for new students, then we'd like to have you on board! We are looking for students from each course to support their new fellow peers. This is a great opportunity for students who are looking for some work experience to support them when leaving University. During the first two weeks you will be assigned a group of students to support by: 

- Teaching them about the site

- Giving some top tips about the course

- Showing them how to get around London

- The best kept secret shortcuts and most importantly,

- Giving them the low down on what the Students' Union offers during Welcome Week

FANS applications open in February each year and we encourage as many students as possible to register. You will receive the relevant training in September and learn all the skills you will need to be a successful leader! Part of the training involves an 'away session' where we will take you offsite and run sessions that will help you learn about the role, and most importantly, get to know each other. This is a volunteer post, so it’s great if you have some volunteering hours you need to complete as part of your course. 

How to find my FAN?

When you first start at Westminster, a FAN will be assigned to your course. You will meet your FAN in your first day of induction. They will arrange tours and events offsite to help you settle into University life. If you are having trouble getting in touch with your FAN then speak with your course leader, but it’s really important that you attend all your induction talks or you could miss out on your first meeting with your FAN. 

If you have any questions or what to know more information email Nima