The Roles

We have a variety of roles avaliable for you. Some can be done part-time voluntarily alongside your studies, whilst others require you to either take a year out of your studies, or, if you are in your final year, to take as a graduate job.

Full time, paid roles:

Five roles avaliable to lead the Union in the following areas:


President (overall direction)   Activities  Postgraduate Education   Undergraduate Education   Welfare


As part of these roles you will become a trustee of the Union. If you think you might not be eligible because of difficulties in your financial past or unspent convictions, please get in touch with

Part time, voluntary roles:

We also have ten voluntary posittions you could take alongside your studies in the 2020-2021 academic year. They all require you to represent different key groups within the student population and are:


BAME Students Officer   Disabled Students Officer   International Students Officer  


 LGBTI Students Officer   Trans and Non-Binary Officer  Women's Officer


Cavendish Liaison Officer    Harrow Liaison Officer   Marylebone Liaison Officer   Regent and LTS Liaison Officer


We welcome applications for a role share for any of these positions. In order to run for any of these positions, you must self-identify as being part of that community.

National Representation Roles:

We have four positions avaliable to represent UWSU on a national level at the National Union of Students (NUS) National Conference delegates.

To apply for one of these roles, you must be avaliable to attend Conference between 31st March 2020- 2nd April 2020 in Liverpool. All reasonable expenses will be reimbursed and free travel and accomodation provided.


About the Union

These roles all involve taking an important role in leading an charity, representing around 20,000 members with a high financial turnover. Click on the links below to find out more about the context of the roles, research we've undertaken and our current strategic priorities. 


About Westminster Students                                UWSU Strategy



Which role is right for you?

Can't decide? Take our short quiz to find out which full time role you should apply for.

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Know someone who'd be great?

Do you know someone who you think would be perfect for these roles, but is afraid to go for it? Let us know their details and we will be in touch with them to let them know someone thinks they would be perfect.

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Sound good to you? Check out information about the Application Process or Advice and Guidance.