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Let us introduce you to some of our legendary events here at UWSU where we have something for everyone. Our staple club night in the Westminster schedule returning for another year is Messy Mondays. It’s a UWSU classic that is legendary among our students. If club nights aren’t your thing we’ve got you covered with our bi-weekly quiz nights and for the performers in you, amateur and professional, we have a weekly Karaoke night and a monthly live music night. Even if you just want to chill with your friends, we’ve got you covered with our monthly movie nights.

Here at Westminster we have an array of events on offer to suit every taste. Alongside these classic nights that you’ll see constantly across our campuses, we also host an array of one off events. So if none of this is quite right for you, make sure to keep checking back to see all we have going on.

We can’t wait to see you at our events and welcome you into our community. 

How to run an event

At UWSU we want to support our students in running their own events as best we can. Whether you’re looking to hold a committee meeting, or throw the biggest party London has ever seen, we’re here to support you. Below you can find a breakdown of all the types of bookings you can make and some info about the processes behind each booking and the link to our one stop shop booking form. Please note, we only accept bookings from our affiliated groups; sports teams, media groups and societies.  


See booking form here